Post a request for architects, designers, contractors or subcontractors and collect bids for a construction project or individual works in 5 easy steps.

The tendering and procurement process can be tedious and time consuming even with an existing pool of partners. Raising awareness of the project and project requirements to your bidders, coordinating information, documentation and answering questions with all of your bidders. All of this is making the tendering process and getting the right offer at the right time is a challenging task, especially doing on excel sheets, emails, phone calls.

Upbore team has designed a tool for conducting tenders that saves time and allows clear and structured communication in a way that one request for offer replaces 100 emails and calls, and allows for viewing and comparing received offers in one place. The advantage of publishing requests through Upbore is that each member has the opportunity to submit an offer, thus saving time by avoiding companies which are not able to perform the required work, due to time or capacity constraints.

Communicate and collect offers from your existing partners through Upbore or meet new potential partners and view the market in a transparent way.

Upload your upcoming project free of charge and see for yourself the benefits of doing business through Upbore. Below we have explained how you can create a free account in 5 easy steps:

1. Create a free company account  

New members have a free period in which they can try out all of the features and see for themselves the benefits of running their procurement and tendering process through Upbore. After the expiration of the trial period, if a user decides to stay with the free package they will have limited access but can still continue to use Upbore, do business with other members, or upgrade the user package according to the company's needs. Register for free via the link:

2. Set up the company profile

Profile set up is required to unlock the tendering feature and for users to be visible to other members:

3. Post your request for offer

Users are free to specify the level of detail they want to provide on the project or required works to the bidder. Posting a request is quick and easy and with one post the user has reached all of Upbore members and replaced hundreds of emails and hours of phone calls with one click. Publish request for offer via the following link:

4. Invite your existing partners

Upbore also allows coordination and communication only with existing partners. Collaborate on specific projects only with existing partners by inviting partners to create a Upbore free account, you need to invite partners to create an Upbore free account to have visibility on published projects.

5. Collect and compare bids

As bids are received they are automatically sorted and ready for review and comparison, enabling the user to go into negotiations with the right partners and make the right decision for their project.

The Upbore team is at your disposal at any time to provide you with technical support or answer any additional questions.

You can leave your questions in the comments or send an email to:

We wish you a pleasant day!

Upbore team

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